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Toyota 300 Series Kaymar Rear Bar

With Toyota releasing their biggest update to the Land Cruiser in years, Kaymar thought it would be fitting that we do the same. Our new 300 series rear bar is an evolution from the market leading 200 series bar, keeping the core DNA, but introducing a stunning new design and features that elevate the Kaymar bar to another level.

The strength and durability you expect

Continuing Kaymar’s proud history of making tough, durable bars, the 300 series is made with 4mm thick steel that is zinc plated & powder coated the same as all its predecessors. However the new modular design makes it easier to re-adjust or repair if you do happen to push the bar to its limits. This means that if a section gets damaged, you only need to replace the damaged section, not the entire bar, saving you time and money. 

Along with making the bar strong we’ve also introduced a new feature for those sticky situations, an optional rated recovery point kit is available to assist in the recovery of your, or a mate’s vehicle.

The sleek look of the 200 just got an upgrade

Known throughout as the best-looking steel rear bar on the market, the Kaymar 200 series bar’s tight-fitting angles and OE appearance have been continued through to the 300 series. The bar conforms to the natural contours of the 300, and the single piece wings maintain that smooth sleek styling.

Not only does the bar look great, but the departure angle has been improved, not just improved but significantly improved, to be the best on the market. Like the 200 series, the 300 Series bar is available as a bar only, or you can upgrade with options as time goes on, including our new carriers.

Same carriers… just better

A signature feature of all our rear bars is our swing away carriers. The 300 series includes the same trusted and proven features as the 200 series with; over centre locking mechanism, rubber dipped lever handles, high quality gas struts, and automotive level heavy duty 45mm pivots. We’ve also continued with the same dependable double jerry can holder frame and spare wheel attachment system.

Our 200 series rear bar took styling up a notch with its hidden pivot carriers, and our 300 series is set to raise the bar again. The 300 series swing away arms are now integrated into the bar face, giving the bar and carriers a more factory-based style and simplified look. 
This has simplified how the carriers are mounted, making removal and installation much simpler. Simply undo 4 bolts from the swing away arms, unplug the wiring with our new plug and play connections and your done in under 5 minutes.

The stuff you don’t see 

Not only have we improved the look, strength and functionality of the bar, we’ve also been working on the things you can’t see, the electronics. 

The 300 series continues in the vein of the 200 series bar with the ability to retain the factory reverse park sensors with all their functionality, and without leaving any unsightly bumper holes. Also available is an optional reverse camera relocation kit. 

But the big advancement in the 300 series bar is the introduction of the new universal Kaymar wiring loom. This new loom will make attaching your bar to the vehicle electronics simple with a plug and play system for all connections, including the vehicle interface. This means no more scotch locks or soldered connection, just simply plug it in and you’re on your way. 

If you are concerned about damaging your trailer plug, or possibly the multiple Anderson plugs that can be fitted, then there is no need to worry. We have taken this into consideration and positioned them in an easily accessible and fully protected location so even the steepest incline can’t get to them.

How do I get one?

The Kaymar Bar is available for order through our stockist network or directly through our website.

As always, the Bar will be available in a vehicle colour matched option as well as the original black powder coat finish. 
The 300 series Kaymar bar is designed to suit GX, GXL, VX, Sahara and GR Sport models with options coming for the Sahara ZX version.

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