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Kaymar Quality - What Makes Us Different

Australian owned

For more than 30 years, Kaymar has been designing and manufacturing rear bars and accessories for outback travellers throughout Australia and across the world.

Why invest in a Kaymar Rear Bar?

Modern vehicles are manufactured to meet cost and production criteria satisfactory for the needs of the average buyer. The greater demands of off-roading and long-haul use require replacing some of the more cosmetic fittings with harder wearing and more practical accessories. Replacement of the standard rear bumper with a Kaymar bar/step and carrier system improves several aspects of a vehicle’s performance and overall carrying capability.

Kaymar allows you to travel further

Kaymar bars are extremely durable and designed beyond national standards. They are tested, retested, then tested again to make sure you and your vehicle are protected in the most challenging of conditions. Each bar is specifically crafted to match your 4WD, both from the outside and underneath. Designed and tested in Australia, Kaymar products are exported to over 15 countries worldwide, including the United States and several in the Middle East.

  • Ability to install long range fuel tank
  • Protection from damage, utilising high quality steel 
  • Fully integrated, heavy duty tow bars tested and approved to match vehicle ratings (where fitted)
  • Extra storage for spare wheels, jerry cans, recovery equipment and a range of off-road accessories 
  • Improved rear end clearance (in most cases) 


10 Great Reasons to buy Kaymar Products

  1. Australian Owned and Operated  
  2. World Leader in Design and Manufacture of Rear Bars 
  3. Over 30 Years Proven Product Excellence & Reliability 
  4. Superbly Finished 
  5. Every Rear Bar Style is Designed Specific to a Vehicle 
  6. Precision Construction to Accommodate Vehicle Factory Fittings and Body Shape 
  7. High-Quality Accessories 
  8. Steel Rear End Protection 
  9. ADR Approved LED Lights 
  10. Fully Rated Towbars (where fitted)

Kaymar is a proud member of the Autopacific Group of companies


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