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Sensor retainer - (2 needed)

Bezel used to relocate original OEM sensor to Kaymar bar.
$18.58 RRP Incl GST
Factory installed sensors are specifically designed for installation and proper operation with the original bumpers only - the majority of which these days are plastic. This applies also to many after market sensor kits. As the Kaymar replacement rear bars are constructed with steel and are different in shape to the original bumper there is no guarantee the original sensors will reliably operate when transferred to mounting positions provided in the new bar. The new reversing sensor provides an audible buzzer alert upon sensing an obstruction behind the vehicle. This installation renders any previous sensor system redundant Additionally the kit may be installed as an upgrade into vehicles which have not had reversing sensors before. The Kaymar sensor kit includes: 4 sensors Controller unit Buzzer On/Off switch Cabling sufficient to instal with controller and buzzer in the rear interior side panel. The On/Off switch provides the opportunity to disable the sensor system for situations such as when towing a trailer. Customised variations to the installation position may be possible by negotiation with the installer.


Warranty: 1 Year


1 Year Warranty
Fits these vehicles
  • TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 08/2007-01/2012 SUV 200 SERIES Sahara
  • TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 08/2007-01/2012 SUV 200 SERIES VX
  • TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 01/2012-08/2019 SUV 200 SERIES Sahara
  • TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 01/2012-08/2019 SUV 200 SERIES VX
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