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Helpful and Instructional Video Presentations

Welcome to Kaymar video training!
To get the very best out of your Kaymar products we are releasing a series of short instructional videos highlighting important facets of use and maintenance of rear bars, standard carriers and accessories.
Our design and manufacturing processes focus on turning out high quality, reliable and practical products for off-road drivers however like all great products there is an onus on the user to treat them correctly for the maximum performance.
While there are just a few quite straight forward processes we feel it is important you see and hear from the experts how best to carry them out.
In a few minutes of video our product experts will take you through the optimum adjustment and maintenance procedures of key items, clearly showing how you can ensure a long life and safe use of your Kaymar products.
Of course our technical staff are always ready to answer your questions.



Adjusting the top slide

Download PDF of script


How to mount a carrier arm

Download PDF of script


How to demount a carrier arm

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Tie down locks and loose items