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Reversing Sensors and Steel Replacement Rear Bars

As at the time this document is released the following information applies to all vehicles other than Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Prado 150 models.
Factory installed sensors are specifically designed for installation and proper operation with the original bumpers only - the majority of which these days are plastic. This applies also to many after market sensor kits.
Kaymar and OzBar replacement rear bars are constructed with steel, are different in shape to the original bumper and will most likely have fitted spare wheel carriers or jerry can holders which will overhang the rear bar.
In all but a couple of vehicle models (listed at the beginning of this notice) the factory supplied sensors will NOT reliably operate when transferred to mounting positions provided in the replacement steel bar.

The Kaymar Solution
To remedy this Kaymar have sourced and tested a sensor and controller kit which seamlessly fits to the new sensor ready Kaymar and OzBar steel bars and provides an audible buzzer alert upon sensing an obstruction behind the vehicle.
This installation renders any previous sensor system redundant.
The Kaymar Reversing Sensor kit may be installed as an upgrade into vehicles which have not previously had reversing sensors fitted.

The Kaymar Reversing Sensor kit includes:
• 4 sensors
• Controller unit
• Buzzer
• Isolating switch
• Cabling sufficient to instal with controller and buzzer in the rear interior side panel of wagons or inside the cab of utes.
The isolation switch provides the opportunity to disable the sensor system for situations such as when towing a trailer.
Customised variations to the installation position may be possible by negotiation with the installer however additional expense may be incurred.

The system is covered by an industry leading warranty for 6 years against manufacturing defects.
Tested and approved in Kaymar’s Lilydale plant in Victoria, to meet our exacting specifications for a perfect fit to the vehicle.




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